Mascha Seitz is a visionary artist and free photoartist, working in Germany and all over the world.

Her style expresses what has always been a part of her, eversince her childhood, a mighty power of imagination and phantasy. The motives show us insights of magic worlds, surreal landscapes and fabulous storys. 

Mascha Seitz is in the experimental mode of her existence as an artist. Steadily she finds new impulses and stimulations to go unknown ways, to express herself in many facettes of her art and to keep on developing. 

With a lot of sensitiveness for picture-composing, colouring and expression, the artist portrays her inner developement while searching for whatever holds the world together in its inmost folds.


She finds her biggest inspiration in nature, the discovery of new places and people. Her hunger for the new and her dedication to living her creativity reflect themselves rich in forms and colours in her themes.